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Rosangela Lodigiani

Rosangela Lodigiani
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Rosangela Lodigiani è professore associato di Sociologia dei processi economici e del lavoro presso l'Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, dove insegna Lavoro e capitale umano, Politiche sociali europee e Sociologia generale nella Facoltà di Scienze politiche e sociali. Presso lo stesso Ateneo è membro del board direttivo del centro di ricerca «Welfare, Work, Enterprise, Lifelong Learning» (WWELL). 


Titoli dell'autore

NEET empowerment through work socialisation. Does the youth guarantee programme offer real opportunities? digital
Anno: 2019
In Southern European countries, the long-lasting economic crisis has worsened the already difficult school-to-work transition among new generations, as highlighted by the increasing number of NEETs. The process of work socialisation itself has weakened and young people have been pushed to take on the burden and develop a sort of «auto-socialisation»...
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Lavoro, welfare e formazione digital
Anno: 2007
In recent years, in many of the European countries, welfare state has undergone a deep reform process. If during the modernity it was devoted to allocate monetary funds for passive protection (passive welfare state), now it promotes the development of both personalized services and individual resources to enable individual to face risks of exclusion, unemployment, poverty, illness, etc. by himself (active welfare state). The aim of this paper is to investigate the pillars of this new approach, starting from the analysis of activation policies and the consequences that these policies produce upon life chances of the subject in need. Particularly this paper tries to investigate the role that, among activation policies, education and training play in lifelong learning perspective. Education, training and generally each form of learning are considered as grant for employability, empowerment and activation of subjects, and thus as a form of social protection. The aim of this paper is to point out both the ambivalence of this approach and the importance of consider as purpose to widen its aim from employability bat capability.
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Orientare alla scelta nella società dell’incertezza tra riflessività e responsabilità digital
Anno: 2005
The article offers an interpretation of guidance process in a sociological perspective. From this point of view, it’s clear that any approach to guidance assumed a specific conception of the linkage between individual and society. Starting form this consideration the article delineates what characterizes guidance process in the post-modern society; a society more and more fragmentated and uncertain, in which the subject seems to have increasing freedom of movement and choice. In so doing, the article proposes a new guidance approach («character-forming guidance»), considered as an appropriate aid to help the subject in making his choices: choices who are both coherent with self realization aim and responsible; that is to say, choices who keep in count both the social context to which the subject himself belongs to and the relational dynamics implied in the construction of self identity (personal and social identity).
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