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Giuseppe Moro

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Valutare l’impatto del Programma Erasmus: un approccio controfattuale digital
Anno: 2016
The present paper aims to deal with the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Erasmus Programme on a sample of 216 students enrolled between 2005 and 2010 at the University of Bari (Italy) that in the same period participated in the Erasmus Programme. Data analysis has confirmed the effectiveness of the programme in promoting the integration of young people within the labour market and in predisposing individuals to transcend national borders during their career progression...
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Modelli e metodi di valutazione degli interventi per i minori e le famiglie vulnerabili digital
Anno: 2013
The paper is aimed to tackle the topic of evidence-based policies’ evaluation for vulnerable children and families. Specifically, the article reviews innovative programs helping children and families and analyzes distinctive features of outcome evaluation of interventions and services designed for family and age of development, highlighting opportunities and obstacles. Moreover, the authors suggest some evaluation strategies available in this area of research and propose some foundations (guiding principle) for directing planning of evaluation studies in family welfare area.
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