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La rivista nasce nel 1963, voluta dal rettore dell'Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Francesco Vito, che ne sarà il direttore fino al 1968. Dal 1976 essa è diretta da Vincenzo Cesareo. La nascita di "Studi di Sociologia" si colloca in un momento che registra nel nostro paese una espansione degli studi, delle ricerche e delle pubblicazioni scientifiche nel campo della sociologia e la storia della rivista corre in parallelo con questo processo. Da sempre attenta all'evoluzione del dibattito sociologico in Italia e all'estero, ospita saggi di teoria sociologica e resoconti di ricerca empirica dei più affermati studiosi. Svolge inoltre un rilevante ruolo di promozione dei giovani ricercatori.

Processo di selezione
I contributi presentati a "Studi di Sociologia" sono valutati, in forma anonima, da studiosi competenti per la specifica disciplina; la rivista prevede uno screening iniziale a cura della redazione e un processo di referaggio double-blind peer review.

Obiettivi e campo di applicazione
La rivista si propone di:

  • dibattere e proporre temi sociologicamente rilevanti a livello nazionale e internazionale;
  • promuovere un solido scambio intellettuale tra diverse prospettive all'interno delle scienze sociali, tra diversi approcci teorici e metodologici e tra diverse generazioni di studiosi;
  • promuovere ricerca teorica ed empirica su un’ampia gamma di temi sociologici;
  • supportare lo sviluppo di politiche e pratiche.

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ISSN digitale: 1827-7896

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Tra “il sentire” e “il creare”. Concetto di felicità e distinzione di genere
di Debora Viviani pagine: 12 € 6,00
Happiness is a right that must be recognized and must be accessible to everyone, because it depends on what social actors are able to do or not do. This seems to distance happiness from the emotional dimension. This paper intends to present data relating to a part of a larger study carried out in 2021. The research investigated the social imagery that revolves around the concept of happiness. The study involved 20 men and 20 women (35-45 years- old) in two web discussions. This paper will try to understand if happiness is an emotion, mood or personality trait and if a gender distinction emerges. The data collected showed that for the study participants, happiness is an  emotion. Despite this, a gender distinction is highlighted with respect to the other two images of happiness (mood and personality trait). In the first case, the image of happiness as a state of mind is more common among  women. For the men involved in the study, happiness is the result of individual action, it is a characteristic personality trait.
Sociale, ambientale... anche locale? Antiche e nuove sensibilità del consumatore equo e solidale
di Cecilia Cornaggia, Silvia Malacarne pagine: 13 € 6,00
This paper is part of the field of critical consumption studies, sketching a portrait of fair trade consumers in Italy today. The study adopts an original approach from three perspectives: 1) studying consumers within the World Shops,  the traditional channels of fair trade consumption; 2) analyzing their actual purchasing practices; 3) considering consumers as historical subjects depth. The research project, which adopts a mixed-methods approach through the use of questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, and ethnographic observations, identifies a typology of COMES consumers. A heterogeneous portrait emerges, where alongside consumers tied to more traditional values, there are  others who have just recently approached the World Shops, in a cultural climate more sensitive to environmental sustainability and proximity economy.
Les musulmans en Italie face au Covid. L’altérité dans l’“autre vie”
di Stefano Allievi, Mohammed Khalid Rhazzali pagine: 13 € 6,00
Islam in Italy is highly discussed but not significantly institutionalized. Polemics about its presence (and anti-multiculturalism in general) have often preceded any real multicultural politics, and the recognition of religious minorities  arrived with immigration, such as Islam. The Covid pandemics has made visible one of the aspects of the necessary de facto acknowledgement of the presence of Islam: the problem of Muslim cemeteries, up to that moment avoided  or postponed as much as possible by local municipalities, with few exceptions. As an outcome of an empirical research on Muslim in Italy during the pandemics, the paper aims to explore the different attitudes of Muslims families and communities facing the problem of being buried in the municipality they lived in, instead of repatriating the bodies as it was the most common procedure until Covid. The research shows the attempt of Muslims to minimize  friction with Italian norms and institutions, through a re-interpretation of the symbolic border between Muslims and non-Muslims, and the idea of purity, contamination and separation.
L’esperienza degli italiani emigrati in Belgio attraverso le generazioni: il ruolo dell’associazionismo
di Marta Scocco pagine: 12 € 6,00
The case study examined in this contribution is that of Italian communities in Belgium, where associations played a fundamental role for Italian citizens who emigrated after World War II but also for their descendants. Associationism  represents a very interesting research field, if we choose to look at migrants as active subjects, who do not simply adapt to the social context of the territories they live in but rather tend to transform it. By analysing the content of  biographical interviews carried out with children and descendants of Italians who emigrated to the country between 1946 and 1976, this paper investigates the role of Italian associationism precisely in relation to the processes of  socialisation and cultural mediation in an intergenerational perspective.
Benessere e pratiche di resilienza nella cura familiare: studio qualitativo con genitori lavoratori nella sfida della pandemia
di Maria Letizia Bosoni, Sara Mazzucchelli pagine: 17 € 6,00
This contribution highlights the care management strategies and resilience of families during the pandemic in reconciling work and childcare through a qualitative study of working parents aimed at investigating in depth the  experiences and reconciliation strategies used to cope with the pandemic. The results reveal an ambivalent evaluation of the experience: working from home was an opportunity for growth in the family dimension, in the children’s  ability to organize themselves and in their awareness of their parents’ work; nevertheless, the challenges regarding reconciliation were experienced negatively, generating fear, guilt, inadequacy, stress, and fatigue. The study also highlighted, even amidst the many difficulties experienced, the emergence of new resources and skills learned that made it possible to cope with a highly risky situation: resilience, a greater understanding of priorities, a lessening of  the sense of control and the acquisition of a more accomplished degree of reflexivity and awareness.
From Listen to Speak: A Range of Possible Social Media Activities between Private and Public in a Cross-Regional Perspective
di Piermarco Aroldi, Linda Lombi, Francesca Pasquali, Nicoletta Vittadini pagine: 20 Scarica
Based on the cross-national survey part of the so called Peoples’ Internet (PIN) Project, the article1 analyzes social media uses in three different world regions: Europe, US, and China. Within the tradition of the studies on the social uses of the media, the article describes different kinds of social media uses, focusing on different factors that contribute to shape them in a more or less private or public way. Social media practices do not differentiate in a simply dichotomous way, as “private” or “public”; rather, they are gradually articulated in a “scalable sociality” that integrates, in different ways, elements of privateness and publicness. In the definition of such a scale, structural and cultural differences among different world regions and single countries play a role, alongside with variables as socio-demographic features, available capitals, and civic attitudes.
La digitalizzazione del servizio civile universale: quali cambiamenti nel “Civic Engagement” dei giovani?
di Diego Mesa pagine: 12 Scarica
The article addresses the current transformations of the Civil Service for young people promoted by the Italian state. It seeks to understand whether and how the digitalisation processes are changing the forms of civic engagement.  The analysis highlights two contrasting trends. At the level of governance of the system, the digital platforms activated have centralized and made procedures more efficient without creating new opportunities for relations and sharing informations between actors. Conversely, at the project level, thanks to ICT, young people have experienced new ways of service and distance learning in the pandemic crisis phase. The experimentation of a form of Digital  Civil Service has opened up a new front of commitment linked to the digital facilitation and training of citizenship. The study reveals a cultural change of perspective towards more flexible forms of civic engagement that include digital spaces and open up a new front of intervention concerning the promotion of citizens’ digital rights of access and participation.


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