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Terzo fascicolo del 2020


Young Activists in Religious and Political Groups. Accounting for Collective Representations and Individual Meanings
di Carlo Genova pagine: 19 € 6,00
On the basis of research conducted in Italy through qualitative interviews, the article focuses on the narrations, the accounts, of the young activists involved in political and religious groups, challenging the often taken for granted assumption that their involvement in religious and political groups can be integrally interpreted as a form of religious or political participation. As a consequence of the complex frames of meanings the young activists present as the basis of this involvement, the article proposes to interpret it as a part of a lifestyle, a set of collectively shared distinctive and meaningful practices on the basis of which individuals express personal sensitivities and develop collective identities as well as correspondent processes of identification and recognition.
Exploring Diaspora Religions as Glocal Religions: Towards a Social Scientific Perspective
di Marco Guglielmi pagine: 15 € 6,00
Starting from Robertson’s studies on globalisation, in this article we adopt religious glocalisation as a theoretical framework in which to explore the growing amount of cases of religions in diaspora (Section I). Through these “glocal lenses”, we understand the hybridisation of migration in the sense of transformation (Section II). Elaborating the four paths of religious glocalisation theorised by Roudometof (indigenisation, vernacularisation, nationalisation, and transnationalisation), we assume them as key concepts with which to examine the settlement of diaspora religions (Section III). On the other hand, we also focus on transnational religion as the situation of some world religions that generates multiple glocalisations (Section IV). In accordance with a solely theoretical vision, the article suggests the ‘diaspora religions as glocal religions’ framework as a social scientific approach able to emphasise less evident aspects and features of religions abroad.
“Die Börse”: eredità e prospettive della sociologia della finanza di Max Weber
di Umberto Di Maggio pagine: 17 € 6,00
In 1894 Max Weber wrote “Die Börse” stressing the importance of financial ethics and institutional regulation for the proper functioning of financial markets. The aim of this paper is update the reading of the Weberian stock exchange taxonomy as a pioneer and fundamental work for studies in the sociology of finance. Although it has been partly neglected, it is highly topical to understand the succession of financial shocks and the inability of the market to regulate itself. Specifically, through a historical-comparative methodology, it is intended to detect regularity and general trends of financial phenomena referring to concepts typical of Weberian theory. Among these: the institutional conformation of markets as modern economic communities; finance as an instrument of power politics; financial integrity as an expression of the financial Beruf and the ethics of responsibility; financialization as an ideal-type for understanding social and economic activity in modern capitalism.
Il focus group (pre-esistente) nella ricerca sociale. Riflessioni metodologiche a partire da due ricerche empiriche in Emilia Romagna
di Alessandro Fabbri pagine: 17 € 6,00
This article aims to develop a methodological reflection about advantages and disadvantages of the use of pre-existing groups for focus groups. The introductory paragraph deals briefly with the origins and definition of the focus group technique. In the second paragraph, the scientific literature concerning the use of pre-existing groups or groups of strangers for focus groups is reviewed. The third and fourth paragraphs are dedicated to the presentation of two recent empirical studies, carried out on two NPOs in Emilia Romagna using focus groups with pre-existing groups. From the analysis of the two case studies, the validity of the use of pre-existing groups within the focus groups technique emerges.
Intervenire sulle forme di marginalità attraverso la comunità nella prospettiva del Welfare Responsabile: il percorso di ricerca azione partecipata “Exponiamoci. Scatti di comunità”
di Chiara Ferrari, Nicoletta Pavesi pagine: 16 € 6,00
The aim of this paper is to propose a reflection on the methodological processes that can be suitable for the implementation of community development interventions consistent with the new approach of Responsible Welfare. Through the presentation of a participatory action research conducted on the theme of fragility and social marginality in a specific context, it will be possible to highlight how to guide each stakeholder, together with others, to become a promoter responsible for personal, others’ and community well-being through networking each other. Methodologies and techniques related to qualitative and quantitative approach, used to empower community are described and discussed, highlighting the operational implications and the effective consequences that they have achieved.
Erving Goffman e gli stereotipi di genere nella pubblicità commerciale italiana 1982-2017
di Maria Lucia Piga pagine: 18 € 6,00
Starting from the ideas offered by Erving Goffman, this article attempts to explain how stereotypical representations of gender changed over time and the way in which they were used by Italian commercial advertising. We analyzed the content of 30 advertisements in Italian magazines, from the years 1982 to today and concluded that commercial advertising of the last 40 years in Italy has used gender stereotypes mainly to perform its prescriptive function. It appears to provide acceptable representations that each time aim to reassure the new behaviours of both consumers, men and women. The attenuation of the gender display that can be observed does not correspond so much to the end of a woman’s subordination rituals (since, indeed, the male hierarchical function seems to be strengthened) as to the emergence of a uniformity of representations, which to a certain extent unites men with women in impotence, both being levelled in the role of consumers.
Percorsi di affido familiare e partecipazione di bambini e famiglie. I risultati di una ricerca documentaria di social work
di Camilla Landi pagine: 18 € 6,00
This contribute presents a quantitative research on Italian foster care. This important care experience in child protection still represents a challenge, not only for social workers, but also for the Court that decide it, for children and their families, and for foster families. The importance of participation of foster care’s protagonists during the planning and the realization of foster care placement emerge from national and international literature. Starting from the indications emerged from the literature review, the aim of the research was to study foster care placements decided by the Juvenile Court of Milan from 2010 to 2014. The study approach is documentary analysis. The sample consisted of 308 children whom the Juvenile Court decided fostering placement and the information about foster care contained in the children’s case files is collected by a questionnaire. This study highlights the Italian social work practices in child protection and the partnership among different welfare services and the Juvenile Court. The results show the key aspects of foster care considered important by social workers and judges, but also by the protagonists of this care experience.

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