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digital STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2017 - 2
Fascicolo digitale
Fascicolo 2 - 2017
Titolo STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2017 - 2
Editore Vita e Pensiero
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Secondo fascicolo del 2017


Introduzione. Azione umana e rischio sociale
di Maria Caterina Federici pagine: 6 € 6,00


Being human. A few Remarks about Descartes’ cogito ergo sum
di Fabio D'Andrea pagine: 12 € 6,00
A growing chasm between what man is and what he thinks he should be is undermining Western culture. It has to do with Descartes’ cogito ergo sum. Even though such pretense at hyper-rationality has been criticized by influential philosophers, it has become a fundamental element of the current Weltanschauung and of the self-representation of its members. Lots of expectations stem from such a clear request, expectations that it is impossible to live up to, as even neurosciences point out. Human complexity cannot be reduced to simple economic actions without suffering dramatic setbacks, even though the Paretian mechanism of derivation still works at its best. What is worst, all modern institutions have been designed bearing in mind such a rational, calculating actor. So, as rationalization grows stricter and stricter, uncertainty follows in its wake, making people feel threatened and experience a sense of helplessness that clashes with the omnipresent rhetoric of control.
Security and maturity interactions: testing fragile distinctions in law and practice with micro-sociological propositions
di José B. Ashford pagine: 15 € 6,00
The purpose of the paper is to identify areas for future research on topics involving the intersection of assessments of maturity and security concerns surrounding the release of juveniles and young adults germane to indeterminate-life sentences. It also critically analyzes distinctions in law that cannot be properly studied using traditional legal and psychological approaches for understanding variations in discretion involving questions of rehabilitation and security risks. In addition, it employs Black’s theory of the behavior of law and social control to introduce a «pure sociological» approach to examining variations in the microsociology of cases across societies and cultures. Reasons why Italy is a good case for testing the validity of Black’s theory for explaining variations in discretionary judgments are also considered.
La domanda di sicurezza negli spazi urbani
di Raffaele Federici pagine: 11 € 6,00
The ways in which global city cores are being restructured to address the real and perceived threats of terrorist attacks are the focus of this paper, underlining the tensions between barricading and separating off strategic urban spaces, and the imperatives of maintaining flow, connectivity, and the appearance of «normality» in the cities. The ways of constructing security are as much about image and perception as physical barricades and high-tech surveillance systems since the new war on terror is more peculiar, including the convergence of unsettling fear, shadowy hypertechnology and unsuccessful inclusivity.
Eziologia della violenza. Un’analisi quantitativa visuale di DABIQ
di Uliano Conti pagine: 19 € 6,00
The article proposes a visual analysis of DABIQ magazine, the review of ISIS. The absolute values of the different kinds of images allow to calculate the percentage of variation – between first and last issue of DABIQ – of different kinds of images. It is also possible to consider the index of visual density for each kind of image, i.e. number of images every ten DABIQ pages. Principal component analysis and cluster analysis synthesize the complexity of terroristic visual representation. DABIQ progressively focuses on the representation of the enemy. This change co-evolves with the escalation of terrorist attacks in Europe. While proposing a replicable procedure for visual analysis, the paper enables the identification of latent visual components in the magazine taken into exam. With regard to these components, the article clarifies the evolution of IS strategy in Europe.


Social bullying. Un’analisi delle recenti pratiche di diffusione degli atti di bullismo
di Gevisa La Rocca pagine: 16 € 6,00
The social web has changed the way of interaction between us and the Net, and through the Net. In the younger generation, adolescents, teens, the incorporation of the digital network and use practices occurred with greater fluidity causing a collapse of the contexts, and a greater focus on impression management and the web reputation. This paper draws attention to the analysis of the communicative practices via social web and the interconnections between the online and social and cultural logics behind adolescents deviant practices, in the context of everyday life. The goal is to draw new broadcasting of acts of bullying. Practices that have more to do with the characteristics of the social web than with those of «first manner» Internet.

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