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digital STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2007 - 1
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Fascicolo 1 - 2007
Titolo STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2007 - 1
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Temi in discussione - LA DISTANZA SOCIALE

di Vincenzo Cesareo pagine: 6 Scarica
La distanza sociale. Dimensioni teoriche e attualità di un concetto «classico»
di Fabio Introini pagine: 22 € 6,00
Driving inspiration from classic sociology, this paper try to sketch a new way to think to social distance in contemporary society. A key role in defining and understanding social distance is played by Simmel’s thought ad exposed in Sociology where he considers social distance as a process deeply embedded in the social production of knowledge. It is in facts by means of social knowledge that we give sense and organize the physical space, so that it is always a social space as well. At the same time, social space shapes the way in which actors interact and relate to each other, leading the social construction of the cathegories by which they perceive other people as distant or near. So, through Simmel’s cathegories, we can describe urban space as the dynamic overalpping of two maps – physical and social – and we can understand transition from traditional, modern, european town to contemporary metropolis as a change in this overlapping that in the town was full and that, in contemporary metropolis is more problematic and complex.
Misurare la distanza sociale percepita: un test per la costruzione di una scala
di Rita Bichi pagine: 30 € 6,00
The essay discusses the problem of operationally defining the concept of social distance. Specifically, on the basis of existing literature, attention is paid to the possibility of empirical data collection with regard to a peculiar dimension of social distance: subjects’ perception, i.e. the ways through which individuals recognize social distance in their social relations. The research process which is presented starts from an exploratory phase, where semi-structured interviews have been used. In a second phase, data collected have been transformed into a substantial number of categories that were later tested in order to make them part of a perceived social distance scale (PSDS).

Note e commenti

Culture vestimentarie globali? Giovani, genere e abbigliamento di seconda mano a Lusaka (Zambia)
di Karen Tranberg Hansen pagine: 16 € 6,00
This paper is based on research into secondhand clothing undertaken during the 1990s. It also contains observations from research in progress that the author has conducted in Zambia since 2001 on youth and urban social reproduction. The widespread use all over the world today of Western-inspired dress does not produce «sameness», even though we all wear many of the same things, for example, jeans and sneakers, shirts and dresses, and suits and ties. Cities like Lusaka are the prime stages for globalization’s translation into local understandings and experiences. Monitoring the way they dress in public, clothing conscious Zambians pay considerable attention to the possibilities of their garments when dressing in world/global styles, seeking to anticipate their desired effects. In this affecting experience of dress, the distinction between used clothing and fashion becomes irrelevant as does the problematic differentiation between Western and non-Western dress styles. In spite of the aggressive forces that structure the global circuit of garment production and along with it, the international secondhand clothing trade, there does exist spaces within which locally authored dress distinctions may take over.
Ipse dixit. I Premi Nobel come argomento di autorità nella comunicazione pubblica della scienza
di Lorenzo Beltrame pagine: 22 € 6,00
The aim of these paper is to analyze the role of Natural Sciences Nobel-prize winner in public communication of science. Using the sociological works on the position of Nobel-prize in the rewarding system of science, the image of scientists and their function in public communication of science, these paper analyses how the scientific symbolic capital of Nobel-prize winner is employed outside the scientific field, particularly, in popularization and science news. Analysing journal articles on two important newspapers («Corriere della Sera» and «The Times»), the paper shows that the role of Nobel-prize winners is that of (scientific) authority argument, which legitimize (or de-legitimize) the scientific statements expressed in the articles.
Il new mobilities paradigm nelle scienze sociali
di Giovanna Mascheroni pagine: 16 € 6,00
The article examines the approaches of «mobile theorizing» developed by contemporary sociologists, among whom John Urry’s contribution is extremely relevant. According to the contemporary sociological debate, a rich definition of mobility is provided, one which covers not only the global and local mobility of travelling peoples, but the multiple intersecting mobilities of peoples, objects, information, images, risks and diseases, and the virtual and imaginative mobilities which reconfigure «the social as mobility». The implications of this mobility turn for the social sciences, their objects of study and methods, are examined through the reconceptualization of central keywords of the sociological discourse, such as society, place, culture and home. An insight on the convergence between travel and communication, and on media as multipliers of mobility is also given, supported by the findings provided by recent empirical researches.
Analisi d’opere
pagine: 4 € 6,00

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