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digital STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2005 - 1
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Fascicolo 1 - 2005
Titolo STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2005 - 1
Editore Vita e Pensiero
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Ricordo di Agostino Palazzo
di M. Burgalassi pagine: 2 Scarica


Le vie della ricomposizione
di Vincenzo Cesareo pagine: 14 € 6,00
This paper shows the main features of a survey promoted by the Department of Sociology of Catholic University of Milan and other 10 Italian universities during the 2001-2003 biennium. This survey, lead at national level, was aimed to find how contemporary self manages to deal with social complexity and fragmentation. The purpose of the survey was to find out if, in the biographies of young-aged adults (25-39 years old people), a renewed pursuit of stability is emerging in opposition to postmodernist subject’s crisis and longing for ludic and narcissistic experimentation with self. The survey, lead on a sample of 3500 people, shows that contemporary social actors do search for stability and that their attempt to reach for it finds in the building of a family and the conquest of a secure job its fundamental strategies. That leads to a prevailing privatistic lifestyle, characterized by the lack of interest in public life, as showed, for example, by the negative attitude of young-aged adults towards politics.
Il mondo moderno come una monolitica gabbia d’acciaio? Usare Max Weber per definire le dinamiche interne della cultura politica americana di oggi
di Stephen Kalberg pagine: 16 € 6,00
If derived from the overall thrust of his sociological writings rather then his political essays, Weber’s view of modernity is characterized by attention to the unique features of various advanced industrial societies rather then by a monolithic «iron cage» vision. This study first demonstrates this point by briefly discussing central differences in the political cultures of Germany and the United States, and then by reconstructing, following Weber, the classic dualism in the American political culture: a «world mastery» and self-reliant individualism stands opposed to – though also intertwined with – a public sphere penetrated by civic ideals. Although Weber’s expectations regarding the fate of this classical dualism in the twentieth century can be seen today to be largely incorrect, the utilization of an axiom central to his comparative-historical sociology yields a powerful conceptualization of the present-day American political culture: pendulum movements across a «tripolar constellation» are identified. This application of Weber’s sociology reveals its power even today.

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Ultrastabilità e indifferenza. Centri e periferie nella società moderna
di Giancarlo Corsi pagine: 18 € 6,00
Contemporary society is often described in terms of regional inequalities in addition to distinctions such as development/underdevelopment or modern/traditional. These territorial differences, however evident, serve as obstacles for sociological descriptions of modernity. This paper introduces the hypothesis that every observable difference (for instance economical, political, educative or even individual) is the product of the modern societal system as a whole. Modern society, which is based on functional differentiation, is at the same time hyperintegrated and loosely coupled, totalitarian and tolerant to local deviation. In the words of the early cybernetics: it is ultrastabil. The only requirement seems to be the compatibility between local structure and the main societal structure. From this point of view, in order to observe the territorial differences of contemporary society it is crucial to choose adequate sociological distinctions. For this purpose, the current research offers distinctions like: evolution/pianification, risk/danger and inclusion/exclusion.
Alla ricerca della forma. Considerazioni sociologiche sul concetto di formazione
di Vittorino Cadario pagine: 22 € 6,00
The article deeps concepts of socialization, education and formazione. Particularly, the essay focuses on the analysis of education and formazione as idealtypical concepts inside a sociological field; the formazione is mainly understood as a composition of cognitive processes that complete and structure educational development. Therefore, the paper tries to investigate the model of action having the aim of «form». It suggests to conceive «form» through the pattern of the text, and «formative action» in the sense of an act of reading a text. Although the text evokes the image of a totality, nevertheless it doesn’t appear anything fully exaustive; on the contrary, it always takes the shape of bond, project and «excess».
Le rappresentazioni sociali della prostituzione nella stampa quotidiana
di Silvia Capretti pagine: 22 € 6,00
The article presents the results of a research aimed at outlining, through a formal and content analysis of the press, the social representations of prostitution and of the actors involved in it. Four Italian newspapers over two different periods have been analysed. The research is based, on one hand, on the psycho-social theory of social representation and, on the other hand, on the sociological reflection about the role played by mass media in influencing social construction of reality. The results are read with the purpose to put together, in an idealtypic way, the fragmentation of the journalistic production in the three dimensions constituing a social representation (information, representation system, attitude). The degree of interconnection between the press and the dimension of the social representation has been highlighted. Prostitution is shown as an authentic press topic: the informative dimension of the social representation is strongly modelled by the media system’s needs. The phenomenon includes a wide representational system – which central nucleus consists of the idea of deviance –, and alternatively creates open and closed attitudes, according to the point of view adopted for its thematisation.
Analisi d’opere
pagine: 4 € 6,00

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