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La libertà religiosa: definizioni normative, politiche e sociologiche

novitàdigital La libertà religiosa:
definizioni normative, politiche e sociologiche
fascicolo STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2020 - 4. Special issue: Religious Freedom. Social-Scientific Approaches
titolo La libertà religiosa: definizioni normative, politiche e sociologiche
Religious Freedom: Normative, Political and Sociological Definitions
editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 01-2021
doi 10.26350/000309_000080
issn 0039291X (stampa) | 18277896 (digitale)
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This article elaborates the sociological dimensions of religious freedom, drawing on the normative and political definitional frameworks. It discusses the challenges of normative, political, and socio-religious interpretations of religious freedom dynamics and the importance of sociologically driven perspectives for the further integration of religious freedom scholarship. We problematize the implicit sociological interest in religious freedom analysis considering the parallel but not overlapping theoretical discourses on that topic in sociology, legal and political studies. Further, we provide an overview of the recent theoretical and empirical analysis of religious freedom in social-science research emphasizing the sociology of religious freedom as a starting point for that scholarly enterprise. The functions of religious freedom for the individual, religious institutions, and society seen at the intersection of instrumental, conceptual, and axiological dimensions, are presented in the final part of this chapter together with sociological definitions of the concept.


Religious freedom, Sociology of religious freedom, Normativity, Social constructivism, Functions of religious freedom.

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