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Riccardo Prandini

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Citizens’ Networks and Civic Responsibility Chains for a Communitarian Response to the Post-pandemic Vulnerabilities digital
Anno: 2022
During the pandemic, the system of social and health services has been heavily put under pressure, while the widespread micro-network of individual and collective actors belonging to the third sector and informal volunteering has emerged as fundamental. Besides activating quickly, these actors managed to adapt to the use of digital technologies to develop remote proximity. The paper analyses the evolution of the Social Street Residents in Via Venti Settembre in Verona as a form of technologically-mediated sociality...
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Personalizzazione vs individualizzazione dei servizi di welfare: fasi, attori e governance di una semantica emergente digital
Anno: 2015
The paper presents the personalization as a new potentiality for design services, embedded in the individualization process. The individualization is a way to draw and cut out «tailor-made» service for a person: it can reach levels of precision and tailoring remarkable, but never really co-designed, shared and co-produced with the user, that remains only a target...
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