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Fascicolo 3 - 2015
Titolo STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2015 - 3
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Verso un nuovo spazio abitativo? Un’indagine sulle rappresentazioni sociali del cohousing
di Francesca Bianchi pagine: 18 € 6,00
In this essay we will describe the main results of a case study carried out on a Tuscan association which has been active in the promotion and diffusion of cohousing, a model of co-residence aiming to turn urban spaces into new social neighbourhood places. The research, conducted through several interviews to the members of «Cohousing in Toscana» Association show that although this Association has not realised any co-housing settlements yet it’s at present carrying out specific planning both in urban and country contexts. The analysis of the interviewees’narratives shows that women are really motivated in investing time and resources in collective projects: their expectations are more complex than men’s ones. While women explain their wishes to live together showing a more relational attitude, men express their needs in a more rational and restrained way. If, on the one hand, for the interviewed women this kind of collective living seems to increase the social interaction, enabling a significant common reality, on the other hand in the male representations the expectation on cohousing indicates a preference for an economical, rational and reflective ethics with clear norms agreed among the partners.
Dalla standardizzazione formale a quella dei significati nella somministrazione del questionario
di Francesca Marconi, Marco Palmieri, Maria Concetta Pitrone pagine: 20 € 6,00
The instructions given to interviewers by social researchers are often aimed at standardizing their behaviour, assuming that this can lead to standardize the meaning of questions carried to all respondents. Despite the recent methodological studies have shown that there isn’t relationship between behavioral standardization and semantic standardization, many researchers continue to refuse this evidence. This article presents a theoretical consideration about the state of art in the matter of this issue. Furthermore it shows the results of two studies investigating the procedures adopted by face to face or telephone interviewers and their conformity with the constraints of standardization. The research shows that the interviewers are usual to stray from the demand of standardization, and that their flexible approach to the interview improves the quality of collected data.
Piange il telefono? Modi di somministrazione delle interviste e desiderabilità sociale. Un’applicazione alle percezioni economiche rilevate attraverso survey
di Barbara Loera, Tania Parisi pagine: 22 € 6,00
In time of crisis, the answers to economic questions could be affected by social desirability? And the modes of questionnaire administration could intensify this tendency? By using data from a national survey conducted in Italy in 2010 by telephone, web and postal mail, the essay analyses the impact of social desirability on economic issues regarding assessment of food prices. The paper shows that respondents CATI are systematically more pessimistic than the others.

From the Interim Conference of the International Sociological Association Research Committee 52 Sociology of Professional Groups

Les revers de la formalisation dans le travail du care au Brésil
di Isabel Georges pagine: 14 € 6,00
In the context of Latin-American studies of informality since the 1960, this article proposes a reflexion about the actual (paradoxical) tendency of formalization of the Brazilian State in a relational perspective, with regard to three cases of care work. The depolitization of the government of the poor (women) is based on the nature of the formalization of care work. More generally, this article show how these neoliberal forms of government imply the functionalization of the work of women, and lead, more largely, to new hierarchies in between them. On the antipodes of the notion of right, these neoliberal politics are based on the activation and responsibilization of individuals for the result of their permanent self-entrepreneurship, potentially vowed to loose.
«Local Welfare» and social professions’ missions: Rescaling public «social question» governance
di Susana Penalva pagine: 16 € 6,00
Searching to highlight the debate on public regulation, professions and «models of professionalism» emerging in Western Europe with an analysis of recent Latin American experience in terms of public policies and «dealing with poverty and precariousness», this article focuses on a questioning of what «local Welfare» represents and implies as a normative frame of reference for public action and social intervention, hypothesizing a «new social question» governance remaking the social professions’ missions and practices.

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