Persona e società: la complessità della relazione - Elvira Martini - Vita e Pensiero - Articolo Studi di Sociologia Vita e Pensiero

Persona e società: la complessità della relazione

digital Persona e società: la complessità della relazione
Fascicolo STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2010 - 1
Titolo Persona e società: la complessità della relazione
Editore Vita e Pensiero
Formato Articolo | Pdf
Online da 01-2010
Issn 0039-291X (stampa) | 1827-7896 (digitale)
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When analysing the concept of social relationship, the link between a person and an individual, who from a sociological perspective do not have the same semantic value, needs to be reconsidered as whole. As an individual is typically enclosed in a social dimension, it cannot have a self-referential character. Instead, it tends to half-reveal the authentic foundation of the civil society on the basis of a range of values which, after leading to the recognition of the self, activate relationships with the social other and the rest of the world including the transcendental one. In fact, within the opening relationship it’s possible to find the conscience of own existence, to purchase the awareness of own identities and to become responsible of own world of life. Considering the aspects of sociological compromise and moral quality of the afore-going, it is clear that socio-cultural exchanges – where relationship skills come clearly into play – are the heuristic foundation of the complex relationship between individuals and society. Consequently, such exchanges become social dynamics through which affective similarities and legitimate differences interact to build an ethical balance for society as well as support a differentiated development of social bonds. Key words: person, social relationship, ethics, conscience.

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