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Suoni dell’altra musica: costruzione simbolica della tradizione, processi di socializzazione e pratiche esecutive nella musica folk digital
Anno: 2008
The article deals with tradition and folk music. After a preliminary close examination regarding the relationship among music, linguistic communication and rhythm, the essay shows that, in the age of globalizzation, in which the experience understood as erfharung results less and less probable and the continuous changes produce disorientation and a progressive weakening of the sense of social affiliation, the rediscovery of the tradition represents one of the sources of identification for the construction of the identity. Particularly, the values of authenticity and autonomy, attributed to traditional music, constitute the central feature of the expressive identity. Among the treated matters, particular attention is reserved to the main forms of expression of folk music as work of art. Finally, the paper investigates the modalities of socialization to instruments of folk music: the concept of social practice is used for underlining the great importance of «bodily apprehension» in the processes of acquisition of the necessary techniques to play traditional instruments.
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Alla ricerca della forma. Considerazioni sociologiche sul concetto di formazione digital
Anno: 2005
The article deeps concepts of socialization, education and formazione. Particularly, the essay focuses on the analysis of education and formazione as idealtypical concepts inside a sociological field; the formazione is mainly understood as a composition of cognitive processes that complete and structure educational development. Therefore, the paper tries to investigate the model of action having the aim of «form». It suggests to conceive «form» through the pattern of the text, and «formative action» in the sense of an act of reading a text. Although the text evokes the image of a totality, nevertheless it doesn’t appear anything fully exaustive; on the contrary, it always takes the shape of bond, project and «excess».
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Dalla sociologia della religione alla sociologia religiosa: una lettura teoretica della religione in Durkheim digital
Anno: 2004
The article analyzes the theoretical reflection of religion throught Durkheim’s production from the initial perspectives to the elementary forms of religious life. In his masterpiece particularly, Durkheim presents the most important factors founding a “religious society”: the experience of the sacred, the emotional proprieties of rituals and the trascendental function of symbolism. The essay critically discusses, both in sociological and in philosophic terms, potentialities and limits of Durkheim’s project.
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Educare, comunicare, costruire legami: percorsi di ri-socializzazione in un centro diurno per preadolescenti digital
Anno: 2003
The essay analyzes a formative aid through the realization of an Educational Day Centre for preadolescents whose aim is the control and, possibly, the overcoming of scholastic unease. After a short presentation of the project, its targets and its social contest, the article deals with some remarking moments of the educational intervention such as sharing meals, revision of daily experencies, organizing games, scholastic and formative supporting. It comes out a complex and varied picture where educational communication and interpersonal relationships are interwined in an action of re-socialization based on educators’ witness, confidence between the adolescents and the adults, creation of routines assuring the sharing frame and the indispensable code of working activities.
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