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Oana Marcu

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Youth on discrimination: a platform for self-expression through the photovoice novitàdigital
Anno: 2022
Within the European project Story_S, supporting successful educational paths for Roma youth through peer to peer education, a participatory anti-discrimination campaign was built with young people of different backgrounds, in Milan and Rome. An intersectional approach is proposed to reflect together with young students on the topic of discrimination and to build, through the photovoice, a photographic campaign addressed to their peers...
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Three-dimensional metaphors: making creative objects in social research digital
Anno: 2018
The present article presents and discusses a creative method for researching subjectivities in social inquiry: making objects or models. It is a method used in organisational development, in supporting creative problem solving and, albeit marginally, in media studies...
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La misurazione della coesione sociale: il dibattito metodologico digital
Anno: 2013
As there is no convergence between scholars regarding the definition of social cohesion, it is also difficult to translate it empirically...
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