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Marco Guglielmi

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Orthodox Christianity, Modernity and Human Rights: A Sociological Assessment digital
Anno: 2022
Over the centuries, Orthodox Christianity has developed conflictual experiences with respect to the main Western model of modernity. Recently, it has shown a complicated relationship with some of its phenomena such as human rights. According to this backdrop, we explore the sociological nexus among religion, modernity and human rights within the case of Orthodox Christianity...
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Exploring Diaspora Religions as Glocal Religions: Towards a Social Scientific Perspective digital
Anno: 2020
Starting from Robertson’s studies on globalisation, in this article we adopt religious glocalisation as a theoretical framework in which to explore the growing amount of cases of religions in diaspora (Section I). Through these “glocal lenses”, we understand the hybridisation of migration in the sense of transformation (Section II)...
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