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Lucia Ruggerone

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Introduzione digital Introduzione
Anno: 2004
Il corpo simulato: immagini femminili nella fotografia di moda digital Il corpo simulato: immagini femminili nella fotografia di moda
Anno: 2004
In a society invaded by images, visual texts carry a great significance and have a strong impact on collective and individual representations. In particular fashion images are considered very influential on young girls’ self image which seems to a big extent measured against the unreachable standard proposed by the models’ bodies. Although several studies show that the extreme thinness proposed as an ideal body figure may have negative effect on the diffusion of eating disorders, creators and producers of these images show very little or no awareness of this fact; on a more general basis their whole creative work does not take into account the life and experience of the women- consumers of fashion. On the contrary the goal of fashion images emerges as the attempt to create an association between brands and often unrealistic, although desirable lifestyles.
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Discorsi sul genere: alle radici della differenza digital Discorsi sul genere: alle radici della differenza
Anno: 2003
In dealing with the problem of gender difference, the article extends a mainly sociological perspective to include some contributions drawn from the field of psychoanalysis. In particular some feminist psychoanalytic theories are examined in order to present explanations of gender difference which trace them back to very early phases of child development. These theories also include accounts for the commonsense view of women as better suited to play caring roles both in the private and public spheres of society. In the second part psychoanalytic theories of identity are discussed against the background of a changing social context. Recent sociological theories on the network society suggest different evaluation of the role of women; in particular their ability to relate can no longer be considered a sign of weakness; on the contrary it emerges as a positive and strong means of empowerment in the private, public and economic worlds.
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