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Isabella Crespi

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Editoriale digital
Anno: 2018
Gender mainstreaming and gender equality in Europe: Policies, legislation and Eurobarometer surveys digital
Anno: 2018
In the last sixty years, the European legislation has broadened the notion of gender equality, with significant impacts on the consequential developing of national social policies and, generally speaking, on the public opinions...
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Il problema dell’ordine sociale in Talcott Parsons e Harold Garfinkel digital
Anno: 2008
The issue of social order, how and why it is that social orders exists at all, is historically central to sociology. In this paper the focus is on the comparison between Parsons’ and Garfinkel’s point of view. Parsons regards social order as the outcome of value consensus in society, which ensures that behavior conforms to generally accepted norms. Garfinkel starts out with the assumption that social order is illusory. They believe that social life merely appears to be orderly; in reality it is potentially chaotic. Social order is constructed in the minds of social actors as society confronts the individual as a series of sense impressions and experiences which she or he must somehow organize into a coherent pattern. The differences seem to be less looking at the concept of social order and trust together as a common theoretical outcome.
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