Libri di Duccio Demetrio - libri Studi di Sociologia Vita e Pensiero

Duccio Demetrio

Titoli dell'autore

Tra gli interstizi della scrittura di sé. Del piacere di giocare con carta e penna nel corso della vita digital
Anno: 2008
Taking their inspiration from philosophy, human sciences have learnt that collecting people’s life history is fundamental to understand and clarify situations and the «lebenswelt» of human beings. Life histories and the narrations of self provide the human scientist a deeper wiew and comprehension of the causes and reasons that other methodologies, such as observation, cannot get. Everyone is a storyteller of himself and such narrations of self enable us to know the invisible and the inner life of all our similars. Starting from this convinction Duccio Demetrio sees writing as a fundamental exercise that everyone should do in order to get a better knowledge of himself. An exercise that is also and mainly a pleasure and a way to «play seriously » with our own identity.
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