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Alberto Vitalini

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L’analisi di dati secondari delle survey internazionali: potenziali pericoli associati a disegni di campionamento complessi digital
Anno: 2015
Most large-scale secondary data sets from social international surveys (e.g., European Value Survey) are constructed using complex survey sample designs where the population of interest is stratified on a number of dimensions and oversampled within certain of these strata...
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L'uso delle reti sociali per la costruzione di campioni probabilistici: possibilità e limiti per lo studio di popolazioni senza lista di campionamento digital
Anno: 2010
A. VITALINI, The use of social networks for the construction of probability samples: opportunities and limitations for the study of populations without sampling frame Populations without sampling frame, usually called hidden populations, are inherently hard to sample by conventional sampling designs. Often the only practical methods of obtanining the sample involve following social links from some initially identified respondents to add more research partecipants to the sample. These kinds of link-tracing designs make the sample liable to various forms of bias and make extremely difficult to generalize the results to the population studied. This article describes some attempts to build a statistical theory of link-tracing designs and illustrates, deeply, the Respondent-Driven Sampling, a link-tracing sampling design that should allow researchers to make, in hidden populations, asymptotically unbiased estimates under certain conditions. Last, the article discusses some features and problems of the Respondent-Driven Sampling which deserve further investigation and study. Key words: snowball sampling, link-tracing sampling, sampling hidden populations, responentdriven sampling, Markov chain.
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