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Veronica Milia

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La relazionalità del Terzo Settore: un problema metodologico digital
Anno: 2012
V. MILIA, The Third Sector relationality: a methodological question The paper presents the final results of a empirical research that investigates third sector using a specific theoretical and methodological perspective: relational perspective. The principal purpose of the research concerns methodology. The focus is on the capability of the methodological triangulation used to examine and enphasize the relational nature of third sector analysing at the same time structures and values, elements of sistem and individual components. The triangulation combines the Social Network analysis techniques with the Lexical Correspondence analysis techniques. The research was conducted on the complete third sector local network of Caltanissetta. Key words: Third Sector, methodological triangulation, Social Network analysis, Lexical Correspondence analysis, social relation.
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