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Valentina Sulas

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Donne, doni e cibi rituali nel rito nuziale barbaricino digital
Anno: 2013
This two-year study is currently being undertaken in Barbagia. Through local mediators, we have found groups of people in every community who have agreed to be interviewed about their own weddings. For every community or village, an average of six accounts have been recorded. The mediators were asked to find people of varying ages, without specifying gender. The interviews have been carried out by partially structured interviews and recorded digitally. From the start, it has been clear that marriage is strongly understood to be the business of the female side of society: for all, marriage is «a woman’s affair». From the initial examination of the material, three elements appear fundamental for the analysis of the rite of marriage: the role of the woman in the relationship between families and the relationships within their own family, the role of gifts and the presence of ritual foods.
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