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Tullia Saccheri

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Salute: persona e relazione digital Salute: persona e relazione
Anno: 2008
In contemporary west society, the individual-person, as Modernity defines the subject lives its laceration between an instrumental function preservation of its own existence, which is designed to produce tradition relational patterns, and the possibility to understand itself as a «strong subject» to this homologation, which has the capacity to point its own action towards acknowledgement request of those identitary relationships, made to safeguard subjects- persons autonomy. Subjectivities, distinguished into instrumental-rational world and communitary-netlike one, are looking for a highlighting, also institutional, as subjects-persons of collective-action and as interlocutors. And in this new scenery, person wellness constrains to a development of reflections, concerning, at a macro level and in relational terms, welfare and health and life quality public interventions systems, while, at a micro level, interpersonal relationships pertain to processes of healing and care. In this work I mean to make a reflection on the transformation of relation idea both into sanitary service dimension and into health one.
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