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Romina Deriu

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I saperi locali come antidoto alla crisi della coesione sociale: uno studio di caso digital
Anno: 2022
The essay focuses on local knowledge as an antidote to the crisis of social cohesion in areas which are experiencing a strong demographic decline. After critically reviewing the concept of local knowledge, the paper analyses the role of individual and collective social actors – including the role of political institutions – in promoting and supporting forms of development and social solidarity starting with the various skills related to local embedded knowledge...
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I luoghi della socievolezza: spazi pubblici e spazi a uso pubblico nella città di Alghero digital
Anno: 2015
This paper focuses on the relationships between mobility and urban public spaces. Referring to the simmelian theory of sociability, we aim to answer to some fundamental questions: are public spaces still places of sociability? Through what practices can some mobile populations foster social interaction? Which may be the way to create public spaces in increasingly privatized contexts?
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