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Roberto Cipriani

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Identità culturale e religiosa e libertà religiosa digital
Anno: 2011
R. Cipriani, Religious and cultural identity and religious freedom Each individual is guided by fundamental values that influence his behaviour. Values are deeply rooted and abstract ideas, even if they are susceptible of empirical validation. Identity is a Leitmotiv of the phenomenology of values. It is through values that people identify themselves in a movement, a religion, a political party or an ideological faith. A recurrent distinction concerns the difference between applied values and final values, therefore between values concerning individual practices and values which represent real goals to achieve. But the discussion is still open on which are the universal values. Especially the discussion tends to slip onto a juxtaposition of universal values and universal rights, which is to say between human values and human rights. Keywords: identity, freedom, values, socialization, religion.
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Religione, politica e laicità digital
Anno: 2007
The presence of ideology seems to be a common feature in the sociological perspective. Therefore a dialectical debate is required. The policy as implementation of knowledge cannot be considered at the same level of scientific work. Various existential aspects are in question in the scientific field, especially when the religious identity is analysed, in terms of desacralization and sacralization. Beyond civil religion à la Rousseau, other solutions are viable. But cultural relativism is not outside the Church and it is in relationship with religious belonging. Finally a non conflictual secularism is set out.
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