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Emozioni e processo di razionalizzazione. Sulla “Sociologia delle emozioni” di Max Weber digital Emozioni e processo di razionalizzazione.
Sulla “Sociologia delle emozioni” di Max Weber
Anno: 2021
In this article, I propose, first3,5 of all, to identify the passages in Max Weber’s works in which he makes more or less explicit reference to emotions and feelings (The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, the Intermediate Observations, Science as a Vocation, Politics as a Vocation, Economy and Society)....
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Erving Goffman e la sociologia delle emozioni digital Erving Goffman e la sociologia delle emozioni
Anno: 2014
This essay aims at surveying Erving Goffman’s contribution to the sociology of the emotions...
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Sé ed emozioni nell’interazionismo simbolico digital Sé ed emozioni nell’interazionismo simbolico
Anno: 2012
P. Iagulli, Self and emotions in symbolic interactionism The idea which inspires this essay is to enquire on the place of emotions within what is probably the most «subjectivist» sociological perspective: symbolic interactionism. I will try to demonstrate that there was substantially no space for emotions in what can be defined «classical» symbolic interactionism, that of George H. Mead and Herbert Blumer: this is surprising, but only to a certain point. Symbolic interactionism began to thematize emotions starting from the generation of scholars that can be defined post-blumerian (Shott, Scheff, Heise). The reason for this «delay» is also cultural: this scientific field was, at least in part, a child of its time, i.e. the expression of an «emotional culture» which began to assert itself in a significant manner, especially in the United States, starting from the second half of the Seventies. Key words: self, emotions, Mead, Blumer, post-blumerian symbolic interactionism.
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Sulla sociologia delle emozioni di Arlie Russell Hochschild digital Sulla sociologia delle emozioni di Arlie Russell Hochschild
Anno: 2009
Despite the undoubted relevance emotions have for the social action and for society itself, Sociology started to deal with them directly only around the half of Seventies in the last century; the United States, therefore, have up for lost time: the Sociology of emotions has by now earned the statute of an autonomous scientific and academic doctrine. In this article, after a quick introduction to the Sociology of emotions and its main theoretical perspectives (Positivism, Constructionism and Interactionism) I’ll take into consideration the sociological theory of emotions by Arlie Russell Hochschild. She should be certainly considered as one of the main autoritative theorist of the interactionist approach, even deemed by someone as the founder of the Sociology of emotions; by surveying some of the main theoretical assumptions, I’ll try to select those thematic cores (emotional control, emotion labor, feeling rules, emotional devienza, emotional culture) which supply the conceptual and lexical framework for the understanding of the more general sociological reflection about emotions.
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