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Nico Bortoletto

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Ciò che resta della terza dimensione digital Ciò che resta della terza dimensione
Anno: 2013
The s.c. «third dimension» is one of the first definitions given in the sociological arena to define the development of a ate element that was not identifiable with generalist instances of the state or with those particularistic of the market. Deriving its conceptualization from the Husserlian theory, Ardigò through the use this approach emphasizing the need to reconstruct the crisis through new forms of transaction between the social system and life-worlds. The use of this conceptualization led to the identification of these intermediary organizations between different systems. The text takes a brief overview of the third dimension organizations and the way how they operate the reconciliation between inter-subjectivity and super-ordination present in the systemic sense. It is proposed a scheme of interpretation, drawn from the author in question, through which classifying not merely the organization but the possible interconnections between micro and macro and their consequences. It is concluded that the abandon of the analytical perspective proposed by Ardigò, primarily for the affirmation of a vision of an economic nature, was determined both by the theoretical vulgate established around of the 90, and the difficulty in operationalizing a definition that owed much to the knowledge from the phenomenology of the Bolognese scientist.
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