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Mario Salomone

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Dismissione o reindustrializzazione? Prospettive di riuso dei siti produttivi in Valle Seriana digital
Anno: 2007
In the world there are a lot of industrial facilities abandoned or under-used or at risk of turning only in commercial or residential areas because the deindustrialisation due to globalization. A number of researches and publications are made about regeneration of obsolete industrial facilities, contaminated sites, brownfields. Nevertheless, a few of researches investigated how to turn brownfields into jobfields avoiding deindustrialisation. That is a problem of public participation, seeking environmentally sound sustainable solutions and imaging in the future a new ecological way to industrial production. This could be the case of Valle Seriana (Italy), an area among the Alpine valleys under threat of deindustrialisation in a province (Bergamo), that is one of the most industrialised provinces of Europe.
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