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Maria Rosalba Demartis

Titoli dell'autore

Servizio sociale e ricerca sociale digital Servizio sociale e ricerca sociale
Anno: 2013
The research activities in the area of social work are situated in the theoretical and empirical sociological tradition. From the latter is derives tools and attitudes needed to build up its own peculiar culture and to develop a sort of sociological imagination. The research in the field of social work draws from the sociological tradition, both tools and methodological attitude, always consistent with the object under consideration and the aims of the research itself. The evolution of the social work as subject matter and field of study has been framed within the debate among social sciences and in a tight relationship with them. However, the research side cannot be kept separated from the operational side of the social worker’s professional activities: both for historical reasons, but also because of the operative nature of the knowledge at stake. The paper presents a brief investigation into the meanings of the research activity in the current experience of the social work.
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