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Giselda Antonelli

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Persona cultura e società nella comunicazione interculturale digital Persona cultura e società nella comunicazione interculturale
Anno: 2004
The article in object place the aim to explicate the new disciplinary contributions on intercultural communication coming from Italian studies of the sociologist Claudio Baraldi and from Anglo- Saxon ambit by the socio-language analysis of M.J. Bennet. In the first part is examined the theory of intercultural communication based on a different treatment of cultural diversities inside monoculture society in regard to intercultural one and in the second part are outlined the practical order coordinates necessary for the activation of a real intercultural communication. The act and the praxis of an intercultural communication turns out in fact very complex and involves the overcoming of many obstacles by the actors of the communication, or sentence the annulment of the act. The assumed similarity, the language’s differences, the non verbal misunderstandings, the whole of the preconceived and the stereotypes, the stress caused by cultural shock, in fact, are elements which contest with variable intensity to the success of the communicative act.
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