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Giovanna Russo

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L’industria dello spettacolo dal vivo, «antica» fabbrica delle esperienze digital L’industria dello spettacolo dal vivo, «antica» fabbrica delle esperienze
Anno: 2004
In the age of globalization, the vibrancy of cultural and social scene is the result of the new relationship between culture and market which is mostly expressed into commercialization of cultural “experiences”. The wide growth of cultural production is more and more related to the concept of experience, of entertainment, of game, of dream, so that the main model of social organization is nowadays the industry of entertainment based on the commodification of emotional experiences created especially in theatrical frames. From this point of view the essay analyzes, through the model of the cultural diamond, the process of production and consumption of the cultural industry of a live spectacularity. The hypothesis is that this represents one of the privileged spaces to produce, distribute and consume the new generalized demand of “experience”.
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