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Giovanna Pisi

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Achille Ardigò e la sociologia del territorio digital Achille Ardigò e la sociologia del territorio
Anno: 2010
G. PISI, Achille Ardigò and the Sociology of the territory. My contribution focuses on three books: Female emancipation and urbanism, The metropolitan area and The urban spread. My aim is stressing the intellectual path of Achille Ardigò, who shifted from rural Sociology to urban Sociology. Female emancipation is considered in its several elements, and all of them are connected to urbanism; in particular, the movements from rural to urban areas are mentioned. Some elements from the Ecological Chicago School and the Talcott Parsons’ theory are used as tools to deal with urbanization and urban spread trends, which were studied by Ardigò since the middle of the 1960s. Some concepts like Dominance and Planning are considered too; Ardigò used them to face the emergencies of the metropolitan area as a social system: in this case, Parsons' functional prerequisites are used as a «compass» to define such concepts, and to combine theory and empirical research. Key words: female emancipation, Talcott parson’s theories, metropolitan area, dominance, planning.
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