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Aspetti rituali della morte nell’Islam in terra di migrazione digital
Anno: 2017
This contribution is the result of five years of ethnographic research that has touched several Italian cities. Argumentation will considers the Islamic concept of death and funerary practices connected with it. Janazah is the Islamic term which means «funeral», but it also indicates all the funeral activities since the death until the closing of the tomb...
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Abduzione e scoperta nella ricerca sociale digital
Anno: 2012
F. SACCHETTI, Abduction and scientific discovery in social sciences In social sciences it is very important to be conscious of different argumentations that come from different kinds of inference. In particular this paper aims to discuss the importance of abduction as a way of thinking and as logic form of inference. Because of its logic construction, abduction is the only inference that allows us to introduce new knowledge in reasoning. To be more precise It leads us to a conclusion that is not included in the premises. The explanatory hypothesis we introduce is the most important factor when it comes to identifying a higher or lower degree of creativity in our inference. In social science research this kind of creative reasoning is crucial to the process of insight that leads to cognitive restructuring of knowledge. This is also important in what concerns the development of a new organization of mind categories. Key words: Abduction, Inference, Risk, Explanatory Hypothesis, Insight.
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