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Francesca Bianchi

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Convivenza plurale e spazi urbani digital
Anno: 2020
This article aims to outline the practices of social interaction between individuals and/or social groups in the urban spaces of our cities. Cities represent the most suitable context for analyzing he interactive dynamics between foreigners and residents...
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Verso un nuovo spazio abitativo? Un’indagine sulle rappresentazioni sociali del cohousing digital
Anno: 2015
In this essay we will describe the main results of a case study carried out on a Tuscan association which has been active in the promotion and diffusion of cohousing, a model of co-residence aiming to turn urban spaces into new social neighbourhood places. The research, conducted through several interviews to the members of «Cohousing in Toscana» Association show that although this Association has not realised any co-housing settlements yet it’s at present carrying out specific planning both in urban and country contexts...
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