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Fabio Folgheraiter

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La ricerca scientifica di social work. Quale oggettività per lo studio della soggettività profonda? digital
Anno: 2022
The paper discusses epistemological issues about major communalities and differences between Sociology and Social work’s styles of social research. Compared with conventional methods and contents of macro-sociological research, Social work is ideographical in essence, as micro «clinical » approaches in medicine and psychotherapy...
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“Aiutami a dire”. Il lavoro del portavoce nella tutela minorile dal punto di vista di operatori e ragazzi digital
Anno: 2021
The importance of involving children and young people in decisions that affect their lives is being increasingly recognized. However, even in the presence of a relationship of trust, children are not always able or willing to talk to the adults responsible for them or those who make decisions about their lives. This difficulty could arise from the lack of confidentiality or because children know that the social workers have to decide important things about their lives. Young people are not supported by an independent practitioner dedicated to them are unlikely to participate fully in decision-making meetings and have their voice taken seriously...
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