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Enrico M. Tacchi

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Fisionomia della città ideale: una discussione aperta digital
Anno: 2015
The traditional utopias of the city have evolved in recent years. The aesthetic and political attitudes are linked with technological aspects...
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Sviluppi negli studi della distanza sociale digital
Anno: 2008
Social distance is a persistent topic in the history of human sciences. In Italy, theoretical studies on this subject have been recently published (Cesareo 2007). Therefore, the aim of this article is to offer only a few complementary suggestions. First of all, some references to social distance in common sense and literary language (as we can see in novels of various countries) are explored. Secondly, the historical and scientific research frame in which Bogardus experimented his social distance scale is outlined, as well as some subsequent international studies on social distance between different ethnic groups. Thirdly, the article considers both qualitative or micro-sociological research (Goffman 1959; 2002; 2008, Doxiadis 1968, Watson 1972) and macro-issues, such as social stratification or intercultural processes. Last, some recent analyses based on computational models are mentioned, such as Schelling’s models of spatial segregation (1969, 1971).
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