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Elena Besozzi

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Verso una riconcettualizzazione della condizione giovanile digital
Anno: 2012
E. Besozzi, Towards a reconceptualization of the youth condition Study and understand young people today is very difficult and challenging. A good strategy is to consider the condition of contemporary youth at the center of the relationship between the generations. In this way, the transition to adulthood becomes a central aspect of this relationship: we can consider the action of the actors and the importance of different contexts and social structures. The examination of the transition to adulthood shows a wealth of concepts and categories of interpretation, but it also highlights the need to submission to a critical review. In particular, the concept of generation, developed by Karl Mannheim, is enriched today with many aspects in relation to a globalized culture and new digital technologies. The youth condition, in the end, emerges in all its variety and richness, it’s a long moratorium, but with a lot of experimentation and new form of dynamic and in which he also notes the need for self-realization. Key words: youth condition, transition to adulthood, generations, long moratorium, adult generations, younger generations.
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Il genere tra cultura e educazione digital
Anno: 2003
The article focuses on gender differences, by highlighting the connection between biology and culture, on one hand, and gender, culture and education on the other. These all are very relevant themes to understand gender differences and the attempts to neutralise them.
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