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Davide Galesi

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Fenomenologia della governance. La costruzione partecipata delle politiche socio-sanitarie e le sfide emergenti digital
Anno: 2010
D. GALESI, Governance phenomenology. Participated construction of social and health policies and emerging challenges. Referring to the sociology of Ardigò, this paper aims to discuss the construction of governance in contemporary health policies. From a theoretical perspective, the principle of empathy emphasizes the empowerment of local communities in those planning processes that affect the determinants of health. From an empirical perspective, the principle of ambivalence extends the possibilities of methodological integration, not only between quantitative and qualitative approaches, but also between research and decision making techniques. From an operative perspective, these assumptions call for the implementation of more inclusive strategies, opening a collaboration both with other professions and with the non-expert knowledge of informal social networks. At different but connected levels, the phenomenological proposal of the author stimulates researchers to break down self-referential frame, building policies which are effectively opened to needs and resources emerging in the lifeworld. Key words: governance, phenomenology, methodological integration, health, participation.
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