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Antonio Maturo

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L’empatia tra neuroni e medicina: attualità di un concetto molto ardigoiano digital
Anno: 2010
A. MATURO, Empathy between neurons and medicine: topicality of an Achille Ardigò concept. The concept of empathy is central in Ardigo’ sociology, but in which areas is empathy important nowadays? In my analysis I have found three areas in which empathy has a considerable epistemological reputation. Specifically, I describe Jeremy Rifkin Era of Empathy; after that I take into consideration what is considered one of the most important discovery in neuroscience of the last fifty years: the mirro-neurons, that is the neurons of empathy. Third, in Sociology of health, empathy appears to be an important analitical tool in order to practice the Narrative-Based Medicine. There is also a place in which empathy is incredibly missing: mental diagnosis. As a matter of fact the DSM-IV is based on symptoms and on very «objective» descriptions without caring much on the subjectivity of the patient. Finally, I try to consider how Ardigò would have. Key words: empathy, Ardigò, mirror-neurons, Rifkin, Narrative-Based Medicine.
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