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Alessia Bertolazzi

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L’uso di droghe tra senso soggettivo e risposta sistemica digital
Anno: 2010
A. BERTOLAZZI, Drugs consumption between subjective sense and social system. The current drugs consumption became now a global and transversal phenomena, in relation to social and structural variables like age, sex, educational level, socio-economic status. Starting from Ardigo’s insights, this paper suggests a better comprehension of the issue by analyzing two perspective. On the one hand, drugs use could be understood as a transaction crisis between vital worlds and social system. So systemic sense spreads alarmistic informations on drugs danger, whereas a different inter-subjective sense moves along vital worlds. It deals with the normalization of recreational and sensitive drugs use. On the other hand, this kind of «break in common sense communication» offers a severe challenge to current national drugs strategy and to organizational structures. Through Ardigò’s reflections on the necessary shiftings of social policies for overcoming the crisis of welfare state, 4 drug abuse service systems will be put in comparison. Key words: drugs consumption, welfare state, vital world, national drugs strategy, Ardigò.
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