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Albertina Pretto

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"Raccontami delle tue vacanze": un caso di studio tra giovani turisti sostenibili digital
Anno: 2014
A number of studies, in a range of disciplines, have tried to identify the variables and parameters most useful for establishing the essential characteristics of the sustainable tourist...
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Analisi computer-assistita di materiale qualitativo: un approccio attraverso gli ausili informatici più comuni digital
Anno: 2008
This article aims to present a short digression, without claim for completeness, about drawbacks and benefits connected to the use of CAQDAS (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Softwares) for the analysis of facts and figures from biographic interviews. Moreover, these options could be applied as well for the analysis of different qualitative data source. According to our opinion, and unlike the claims by some authors, the analysis of this kind of material can not be considered scientifically viable just because performed with special software. Then, we explained some simple tools (word processor and indexing system) which can be found in different operating systems, to be used alongside or as alternative to CAQDAS for the analysis of qualitative data.
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L’analisi di materiale biografico: approcci metodologici digital
Anno: 2008
This article aims to provide a short digression, without claims for completness, about different opportunities of analysing the material coming from biographic interviews. Of course these possibilities of analysis could be also applied to other material of qualitative kind. Therefore we have tried to provide an epistemological overview of the methods more frequently used in this field. Furthermore, we have tried to give some specific examples, as far as possible, about the techniques adopted in each method, with a critical review.
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Amici per guarire: i Gruppi Anonimi dei 12 Passi digital
Anno: 2006
This article presents a case study that considers a particular self-help mutual-aid group: Alcoholics Anonymous. On the empirical level, the research is conducted through the partecipant observation method. Starting from a briefanalysis of these types of associations, both from the point of view of their evolution and from the point of view of the sociologists, the author tries to analyse how the Twelve Steps groups specifically work and what their cure method consists of. This study aims at demonstrating how the recovery method used in these groups (and in general in all groups that use Twelve Step Programs) could be considered, to every extent, an effective alternative therapy.
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