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Wendy Griswold

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Lettori assidui e accaniti utilizzatori della rete digital Lettori assidui e accaniti utilizzatori della rete
Anno: 2004
This paper examines the relationship between Internet use and reading. «Reading» refers to non-work reading, the sustained reading of printed materials that people do for pleasure and information in their leisure time. Do the two activities compete? Or is the competition image wrong? Can people be both wired and well-read? The results about this questions, supported by some empirical researches, can be resume in the following sentences: 1) Reading and the Internet do not compete for time. The Internet is less greedy than television, so heavy Internet use does not displace reading the way it does television; 2) Reading is greedy, however. While the Internet can be woven into the fabric of everyday life, reading requires some time clearly demarcated as leisure time. Therefore there are certain periods in the life course – college, and likely new parenthood or unusually intense times at work – where reading declines. Once leisure time opens up, the reading habit reasserts itself; 3) The Internet offers some support for reading in terms of reviews, author information, book orders, and the ability to pursue particular topics. Reading supports Internet use as well.
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