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Danila Bertasio

Libri dell'autore

Storia di un sogno imperfetto: viaggio intorno all’originale, alla copia e al doppio digital
formato: Articolo | STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 2010 - 1
Anno: 2010
Why do roboticists not content themselves with constructing useful machines, rather than also trying to endow them with anthropomorphic forms, even at the risk of compromising their functionality? What drives them to cover their machines with a latex coating to simulate human skin? The utopia of the creation of a «double» appears also in the world of art, the history of which shows, above all, an outcome that coincides with the abandonment of the naturalistic imperative, and the inauguration of various periods of exploration and innovation. That is why roboaesthetics – i.e., robotics and aesthetics combined – could give rise to a new scenario which, acknowledging the radical novelty of the «species» introduced, would induce the adoption of a new observation level, constructed on the basis of a common project. Key words: imitation, art, robotics, roboaesthetics, natural, artificial.
€ 6,00
Expert systems e «intelligenza quotidiana» digital
formato: Articolo | STUDI DI SOCIOLOGIA - 1984 - 2
Anno: 04/1984
€ 6,00